Thoughts on Proverbs 4

For my class on Interpersonal Communication, we are studying the book of Proverbs. While reading Proverbs 4 today, I specifically noted that Solomon uses strong, active verbs throughout his whole conversation with his son. He is pleading with his son to hear, to be attentive, to not forsake his teaching because he gives good precepts. It made me think how well I listen when people talk. Am I being attentive, actively listening to what people say? Or do I listen with half an ear, easily distracted by sensory noise? I know people who are very good at listening. When you talk to them, they are with you in the moment, your conversation is their focus. That seems to be Solomon’s desire for his son, that his son would listen with such attention to the words his father is imparting.

Which leads me to another point. How well do I listen when someone I trust is imparting knowledge that is godly and beneficial for my soul? Do I accept the teaching? Keep hold of it? Guard the wisdom that has been given to me? Or do I let it escape from my eyes, my ears not inclining to the words passed down to me?

This passage got me thinking. How about you?

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