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Book Review | The Chisholm Trail Bride

A cattle drive gone horribly wrong is the before and after of Eliza Gentry’s life in Kathleen Y’Barbo‘s historical novel The Chisholm Trail Bride, the latest installment of The Daughters of the Mayflower. Before, Eliza enjoyed watching the stars with her best friend, Wyatt…

Book Review | The Oregon Trail Romance Collection

The Oregon Trail is one of the more well-known tracks that pioneers traveled to get from the eastern United States to the west coast. Many of the travelers died from disease, hunger, accidents, or weather disasters. Those that made it across the prairie and…

Book Review | The Homestead Brides Collection

I love short story anthologies. Anytime I can find a collection of stories all in one book, it makes me feel like I’ve hit gold. And discovering this particular anthology definitely lived up to those expectations.

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