Reading Wednesday: Bridgewater Holidays

Bridgewater Holidays, by Marion Marchetto, is a heartwarming collection of short stories revolving around the various national holidays in the United States. With a dash of historical narrative, the stories bring to life characters living in and working for the Bridgewater mansion. I love short stories. I enjoy writing them and reading them. Bridgewater Holidays was … Continue reading Reading Wednesday: Bridgewater Holidays

Story Types: Short Stories

A question I have been asked of late is, how does the industry define various story lengths? Or, perhaps more specifically, other than a novel, what types of story writing are there? This is a more complex answer than it may appear.On the surface, we have two types of stories: the novel and the short … Continue reading Story Types: Short Stories

Peaks and Valleys

Rejection can be incredibly painful. In the writing world, it can sometimes be even more so. Our written words come from inside of us, the story we tell, and having it rejected or critiqued is like purposefully baring our souls to the lash. There have been many articles written on turning a rejection letter into … Continue reading Peaks and Valleys

Choices Amid the Trees

Ali Montgomery is on vacation in Tennessee. She loves the woodsy setting of her aunt and uncle's home, but isn't allowed to explore outside alone. So when Colton - the boy living with her aunt and uncle - sneaks out of the house and invites Ali to tag along, Ali must make the choice whether … Continue reading Choices Amid the Trees

Choices Amid the Trees: a short story

Choices. Like Ali Montgomery, I had a choice to make: do I dare step out of my comfort zone? Do I republish one of my short stories? Yes, I dared, but you'll have to read "Choices Amid the Trees" to see what choices Ali makes. Ali Montgomery is on vacation in Tennessee. She loves the … Continue reading Choices Amid the Trees: a short story

Showdown on Main Street

Proverbs 18.6 (ESV): "A fool’s lips walk into a fight, and his mouth invites a beating." Rope in hand, Sheriff Longhorn strode to the middle of the road. The sun, not the advancing criminal, made sweat pour down his back. The wind kicked dirt into his face, making him sneeze. "What do ya want, pardner?" said Mr. Lips, … Continue reading Showdown on Main Street

New Short Story

Remember in olden days when magazines published fiction in installments? Each issue, the story would end right when you didn't want it to, but it kept bringing you back for more. Someplace Else (brought to you by the Disciple's Post) is just like that. Every month, a new story is posted, and each Monday after, the … Continue reading New Short Story