Perhaps you have a  writing project that must be completed for class, an essay that must be written for an application, or just a story idea that you want to write. Where do you begin? Who can help you formulate your words? In this case, you need more than a proofreader, you need a Writing Coach.

A Writing Coach is a type of editor, but one that works differently than the average editor. Editing takes many different shapes. A Writing Coach will often provide either Developmental Editing or Line Editing. This means they will look at the big picture, refining your project’s voice, structure, and overall flow.

Danielle is a Writing Coach specializes in Developmental and Line Editing for Students & Teens, as well as Fiction Authors. That means her unique services will help:

  • the writer who is struggling to get words on paper
  • the writer who is struggling with going over word/page count
  • the writer trying to find his/her voice
  • the writer who wants to grow in the craft of writing
  • a paper with structural issues, including paragraphing, transitions, logic, and plot
  • a paper with big picture issues like showing versus telling, dialogue, plausibility, and character development

It also means she is not typically a copy editor or proofreader who will go line by line, checking that grammar, spelling, style manual, and usage are correct. Instead, she prefers to focus on big picture, structural writing issues. However, copy editing services are offered.

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