Writing Coach Editorial Services

Perhaps you have a writing project that must be completed for class, an essay that must be written for an application, or just a story idea that you want to write. Where do you begin? Who can help you formulate your words? In this case, you need more than a proofreader, you need a Writing Coach.

A Writing Coach is a type of editor, but one that works differently than the usual editor. She will look at the big picture, refining your project’s voice, structure, and overall flow rather than focusing on grammar and punctuation.

Danielle is a Writing Coach who specializes in working with student essays and short fiction. That means her unique services will help:

The writer who is struggling to get words on paper

The writer who is struggling with going over word/page count

The writer trying to find his/her voice

The writer who wants to grow in the craft of writing

A paper or story with structural issues, including paragraphing, transitions, logic, and plot

A paper or story with big picture issues like showing versus telling, dialogue, plausibility, and character development

That means, for the first draft she receives, she will focus on the big picture, structural writing issues, and voice. Copy editing, such as going line by line to check that grammar, spelling, style manual, and usage are correct, is available as a second draft add-on or as part of a bundle service.

How it Works

To request writing coach services, please use the contact form to email the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Email Address (include parent email, if minor)
  • Summary of type and purpose of project
  • Length of project in pages (250 words per page)
  • Deadline, if applicable
  • Any notes or comments that might be helpful in determining the extent of your project

Danielle will reply, generally within two business days, with a contract stating pricing and expected completion date. Once signed contract is returned via email, accompanied by manuscript, Danielle will email an invoice. Half of the payment is expected before mansucript will be returned.

Please email the project as a Word document. All manuscripts must be in 12 point, Times New Roman (or similar) font and double spaced. Once project has been completed, Danielle will return the manuscript to you via USPS. The remainder of the payment is expected within 30 days of receipt of the edited manuscript. Priority and rush projects will be charged an extra fee. Please leave ample time between email request and requested deadline as Danielle’s availability is subject to change.

Students and Teens

With nearly 10 years of experience coaching students in writing, Danielle enjoys helping both the reluctant and prolific teen find their written voice.

Specializing in:

  • Application essays
  • Book reports
  • Persuasive essays
  • Short, general, non-research papers
  • Creative writing

Short Fiction Authors

The short piece: tight, vibrant, and a challenge to get right. Danielle specializes in helping teens and adults write flash fiction and short stories.

Genre specialties:

  • Mystery
  • Suspense
  • Adventure
  • Literary

Does not edit:

  • Graphic Novels
  • Paranormal (some may be okay)
  • Horror
  • Erotica

To learn how to submit your work or for pricing details and bundle discount options, please visit the Pricing page.

Writing is a work of the heart. Committing that work to an editor’s scalpel can be frightening. So, thank you for entrusting this piece of yourself into my editing hands. While I won’t use kid-gloves, I aim to help refine your voice in a constructive, encouraging way. In the end, know that every piece of critique comes from a desire to help you become a better writer. ~ Danielle