Reading Wednesday | Shelved Under Murder

In Shelved Under Murder, the second installment of Victoria Gilbert's Blue Ridge Library Mystery, Amy Webber returns to using her library research skills to help solve a murder. This time, it's her education in Art History that comes in handy.  When an artist is murdered and paintings are discovered in a hidden room, the chief deputy requests … Continue reading Reading Wednesday | Shelved Under Murder

Reading Wednesday | Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder

Joanne Fluke first published the Hannah Swenson Mysteries in 2000, so it's taken me 18 years to start the long-running series. One of the fun things about reading a mystery written almost two decades ago is watching the technology change over the years. In just that short time, we've come a long way. In Chocolate Chip … Continue reading Reading Wednesday | Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder

Reading Wednesday | Meet Your Baker

Meet Your Baker is the first book in Ellie Alexander's Bakeshop Mystery series. Having loved other books by Ellie Alexander, I wanted to give the long-running Bakeshop Mystery series a try. Now I can't wait to read book two.  Juliet "Jules" Capshaw returns to her hometown after discovering her husband had kept a huge secret from her. She … Continue reading Reading Wednesday | Meet Your Baker

Reading Wednesday | Untimely Death

One of the reasons I enjoy writing book reviews is the chance to read authors I might not have otherwise discovered. Untimely Death by Elizabeth J. Duncan is one such case. The first book in the Shakespeare in the Castskills mystery series, it is written in the gentle pace of an Agatha Christie novel, which slowly … Continue reading Reading Wednesday | Untimely Death

Reading Wednesday | Louisiana Longshot

I'm not usually fond of e-books. I have a lot of screen time for work, so reading a paper book is much easier. However, unexpectedly finding myself with a bit of free time one weekend, I scanned through the free Nook books and discovered Louisiana Longshot by Jana DeLeon. I loved it! With a price on … Continue reading Reading Wednesday | Louisiana Longshot

Reading Wednesday | A Murder for the Books

A Murder for the Books, by Victoria Gilbert, is the first book in the Blue Ridge Library Mystery series. It follows Amy Webber as she uses her library research skills to solve a collection of murder mysteries. However, the deeper into the mysteries she digs, the more likely it is that she won't return alive.  When … Continue reading Reading Wednesday | A Murder for the Books

Reading Wednesday|Wedding Cake Crumble

June is wedding month, so what's more fun than reading books with a wedding theme? Wedding Cake Crumble is the tenth installment of Jenn McKinnlay's Cupcake Bakery Mystery series. For fans of the series, it wraps up a storyline that has traveled through all ten books. Yes, two of our favorite characters are planning their big … Continue reading Reading Wednesday|Wedding Cake Crumble

Reading Wednesday|Murder on the Rocks

I'm always on the look out for a new mystery series to enjoy. A Gray Whale Inn cozy mystery series by Karen MacInerney perked my interest because of its setting. I've enjoyed other island or off-the-water mysteries, so I gave the first book in this series a try. Murder on the Rocks definitely met my expectations. Natalie Barnes moves … Continue reading Reading Wednesday|Murder on the Rocks

Reading Wednesday: A Killer Plot

If a book cover has a lighthouse, a big front porch, and a dog, it's a book I pick up. A Killer Plot has been on my want-to-read pile for a while and I finally got it from the library. The setting is located on the North Carolina coast and Ellery Adams fills the tale with … Continue reading Reading Wednesday: A Killer Plot

Reading Wednesday: The Cat of the Baskervilles

I have enjoyed the Sherlock Holmes stories for as long as I remember. I've read The Complete Novels and Stories - both volumes - and have watched many of the incarnations of Holmes on screen. In short, I would enjoy visiting a Sherlock Holmes themed bookstore, such as the one owned by Gemma Doyle in the Sherlock … Continue reading Reading Wednesday: The Cat of the Baskervilles