Conversations with Wisconsin Artists Interview

Last week, I was interviewed by Rex Owens during Conversations with Wisconsin Artists on Sun Prairie's KSUN 103.5.  The hour long program airs twice a month and features people with a variety of artistic expertise. During my interview, I spoke about what inspired me to write my fist novel, The Vanishing Kidnapper, as well as my experience with Intercultural Communication. … Continue reading Conversations with Wisconsin Artists Interview

Peaks and Valleys

Rejection can be incredibly painful. In the writing world, it can sometimes be even more so. Our written words come from inside of us, the story we tell, and having it rejected or critiqued is like purposefully baring our souls to the lash. There have been many articles written on turning a rejection letter into … Continue reading Peaks and Valleys

Cooking the Fat

Last week I talked about cookies, hamburgers, and developmental editing. This week the conversation continues, at least about the hamburgers. Hopefully you've eaten already or this post might make you hungry. Particularly for non-vegans and -vegetarians, the idea of a perfectly grilled hamburger on a sourdough bun, topped with your favorite condiments, and juice dripping … Continue reading Cooking the Fat

Of Cookies and Hamburgers

I've been thinking a lot about cookies and hamburgers lately. Rather, the making of cookies and the cooking of hamburgers. But it's not about the food, it's about writing. I recently finished the first - and very rough - draft of my latest work in progress (WIP). The next step is the editing process. Editing … Continue reading Of Cookies and Hamburgers