Reading Wednesday |Cloche and Dagger

Whenever a get a new book in a series I enjoy, I like to reread all the previous books before starting the new one. That means I end up reading the first book in a series multiple times. Cloche and Dagger, first book in Jenn McKinlay's Hat Shop Mystery series, is one of my favorites. Scarlett Parker escapes … Continue reading Reading Wednesday |Cloche and Dagger

Reading Wednesday|Wedding Cake Crumble

June is wedding month, so what's more fun than reading books with a wedding theme? Wedding Cake Crumble is the tenth installment of Jenn McKinnlay's Cupcake Bakery Mystery series. For fans of the series, it wraps up a storyline that has traveled through all ten books. Yes, two of our favorite characters are planning their big … Continue reading Reading Wednesday|Wedding Cake Crumble

Sprinkle with Murder by Jenn McKinlay: a book review

Re-reading books is like visiting with an old friend. That's why, whenever I have a new book to read in a series, I always go back re-read the series from the beginning. This week, the latest in Jenn McKinlay's Cupcake Bakery Mystery series was released. What better way to await the arrival of the new book? … Continue reading Sprinkle with Murder by Jenn McKinlay: a book review

A London Cozy: a book review

To end the holiday break, I read the second in Jenn McKinlay's A Hat Shop Mystery series, Death of a Mad Hatter. It was a delightful who-done-it, following the red-headed American, Scarlett Parker, as she adjusts to her new life in London. When she and her cousin Viv agree to make hats for a wealthy but … Continue reading A London Cozy: a book review