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New Year, Different Perspective

It’s a new year. While most people are setting goals and making resolutions, I’m still recovering from the holidays to truly focus on the fact that the calendar year has changed. Because of this, I find myself living into the seasons more than a… Continue Reading “New Year, Different Perspective”

Living in the in Between

The week between Christmas and New Years is an awkward time. Christmas is over, but lights and trees are still up. The year is ending, but the new one hasn’t begun. We feel sluggish from the holiday sweets, but not ready to start new… Continue Reading “Living in the in Between”

New Year Past

I’m not one for New Year Resolutions. I find December 31 tends to be a day where I look back on the year gone by. Where was I a year ago? Where have I grown? What have I learned? How has God blessed me?

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