House Renovation Update

Sometimes everything happens at once. In this case, the carefully managed chaos worked like a beautifully oiled machine. Continue reading


Little Things

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference. In the month since we officially moved into our new home, we’ve begun the slow process of getting settled. Our home has a few particular quirks, like worn carpeting, dated fixtures, and old paint, but that’s easily remedied. In fact, most of the previous carpeting has already been transformed into renewed hardwood. It’s the painting that is another story. Continue reading

Fresh Starts and Old Homes

Yesterday, as I waited in my car, I found myself considering the difference between indoor plants and outdoor plants. That’s probably because I had a relative bush sitting in my passenger seat attempting to crowd my elbow space. You see, my husband and I moved this week, only a few blocks from our old place, but it still meant packing up everything, including the plants.

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