Base Prices

Students & Teens: $8/page

Fiction Authors: $10/page

Basic Copy Editing: $3/page


Additional Fees and Add-Ons

Shipping and Handling Fee – additional cost based on length of manuscript
For quality purproses, Danielle prints each manuscript. Please allow for delivery time according to the US Postal Service. 1-day shipping option available for additional cost.
*prices subject to USPS price adjustments.

Multiple Draft Bundle – 25% discount on each additional draft
Multiple drafts of the same project, submitted within an agreed-upon time frame and paid for at the time of each draft.

Style/Citation/Bibliography Fee – additional cost dependent on project’s academic level
For copy editing only. Jr. & Sr. High, college, graduate, and post-graduate writers who require their project to follow a particular style guide or who have a citation or bibliography page may request this additional service. 

Priority Fee – additional $2/pg
Added when a project’s requested deadline does not fit into Danielle’s current availability, but she still agrees to deliver the project by the requested deadline.

Rush Fee – additional $3/pg
Added when a project’s requested deadline is within two business days from when paper is submitted. Not an option for projects over 20 pages.

*prices and procedures subject to change without warning